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About Sanroq

Sanroq is a professional recruitment consultancy company, operating on or at a global level.

"Our story begins in 2016, where three colleagues within the IT banking financial services industry noticed a high demand of qualified (interim) professionals within the organization and an insufficient or inadequate or lacking supply of matching profiles. The struggle of filling these kind of positions is seen in every type of organization. With our own background in these IT positions and our extensive network in various sections, we are confident that we got what it takes to make an accurate match between the required position and the available professional. With our experience in the field and the experience being on the 'other side of the table', organizations can safely rely on us to find high quality professionals for a range of specialist roles. Professionals who are looking for a new role or want to progress in their career, can be reassured that we can find them or you the right fit matching their skills and aspiration fitting job, whether it’s on a interim or contract basis.
At Sanroq we believe in our people, people make us who we are. Therefore whether you’re a hiring manager or someone looking for a new job, you the are the most important person for us."


At Sanroq we strive to help other organizations to provide added-value and IT improvements their current operations. We want to be recognized by our clients, as an ICT company which consistently delivers high quality services. Sanroq is a place where people can grow professionally and feel proud to work with.


At Sanroq we believe that from a qualitatively perspective we can make people, organizations and systems always better. That is something where our high quality professionals with our clients are striving every day to make it happen.

Delivering the best of the best

IT Consultancy Services

Our professional IT consultancy services can be divided into the following categories.

Staffing Services

Are you looking for that enthusiastic highly motivated professional? As your comprehensive staffing partner, Sanroq delivers an array of flexible, talented professionals within a number of industries. Our IT staffing services support organizations by providing experienced and enthusiastic consultants whose proficiency and business knowledge help execute critical IT projects and manage day-to-day business operations.

Interim Recruitment

Are you looking for a highly skilled experienced consultant to help your organization to the next level? Sanroq predominate at sustaining good relationships with talented IT professional contractors for interim assignments and long-term IT projects. At Sanroq we make it possible for interim professionals to progress in their career and face new exciting projects to work on. We always keep tap in our candidate contractors pool to select the best IT professional for our clients.


Is your company struggling to find a matching profile for your open vacancy? Sanroq offers recruitment services to find a match to fill your permanent role. Sanroq excels at the recruitment of candidates with the right blend of experience, skillset and soft skills to match your organization’s needs.

We fill the gaps in your business

Industries Expertise

We at Sanroq do recruitment & staffing resources at it's finest.

Sanroq recruits in the following sectors:

  • Banking and financial services
  • Transport and distribution
  • Information Technology
  • Retail
  • Oil and Gas
  • Energy and utilities
  • Non-profit
  • Governments

Doing business

To collaborate with Sanroq is to recruit top notch talent for all areas of your organization. Equipped with the vast amount of sector knowledge via our global network in various sectors and local market expertise we are able to deliver the right resources into multiple industries.

To supply our clients with the best candidate out there, we continuously improve and innovate our recruiting and staffing process. So it's not just a company standardize process but a process which keeps evolving to our client’s needs. Due to the international nature at all professional levels of our candidate database, we have access to all kinds of industry knowledge to supply your specific needs.

We deliver the right resource

Getting in touch

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